No matter how large a class is, no kid gets lost in the shuffle.  Master Andrew manages to acknowledge each child and makes them feel special without making anyone better or less than any other one.  I just wanted you to be aware of how much your school and more importantly, the people in your school have impacted our family.  Your instructors are more like mentors and role models and we are proud to have them as an influence in our son's life.


Glenn and Denise Roe-Toms River, NJ

Hi Master Dave,

I first wanted to start by thanking both you and Master Paul, as well as all of the teachers, for your patience and understanding while working with Colin.  Since we started karate back in November, we have felt that this has been an activity that has played a large(and important)role in Colin's development.  Through all of Colin's life, there are many things that cycle where there are times when things are easy and smooth and then other times where there are big hiccups.  Because of the transtion back to school, not feeling well, and the exhaustion at the end of the day(his teacher said he feel asleep on the carpet at school yesterday)we are finding that the struggles right now are in all of Colin's activities that fall after school(Karate, soccer, his private therapies)because of what he's putting in at school, we know that we will get through this cycle, but it can still be frustrating for us in "riding it out."  We just want you to know that we are so appreciative of your patience in getting through this cycle with us.  We know that many people who have children with special needs are not welcome in certain activities because of the challenges they face, but we have only felt the complete opposite at PPK.  So thank you...

Thanks again for all of your help,

Kelli Tobin

Dear Master Paul,

I wanted to write this to let you know how wonderful your school is.  My son Logan Boyd, was struggling prior to attending your school.  He is suspected of having mild Audio processing disorder.  Thanks to your program we have the son we always knew he was.  Specially, Master Andrew and Sensei Pat.  Logan absolutely admires them.  He has made a total 180 change.  Very respectful and loves going to class.  They have brought out the best in Logan and I extremely grateful for that.

Again just wanted to say thanks,

Allen & Daniel Boyd


Dear PPK Family,

I cannot express my heartfelt thanks for the generous donation to my family during these difficult and trying times.  Never in my life did I think anything like this would ever happen to us but thankfully no one was injured including the brave firefighters and rescue personnel.

The fire has taken every personnel item we ever had in life including irreplaceable childhood items and time sakes.  The insurance company to this day(7+ weeks later)still has not settled the claim so your thoughtlessness is beyond words and greatly appreciated not to mention much needed.

Paul Prendergast Karate has always stood for everything that is right and I am proud to say I am a member of the PPK family.  Someday I hope to find a way to personally thank each and every one of you who donated and spent your valuable personal time helping my family.

As always Paul Prendergast and staff cannot be thanked enough offering to help in anyway possible.  God Bless each and every one of you in the PPK family.


Debbie Barone