Dear Master Paul

I would to thank you and your staff for the incredibly positive influence you have had on my son Ryu.

Ryu used to be an inconsistent/average student.  After joining the LEADERSHIP PROGRAM, Ryu is now a straight A student who was recently accepted into the National Junior Honor Society.

Ryu literally went from a disruptive student to a leader in the classroom.  This was not a long term transition.  My wife and I saw results immediately after joining the LEADERSHIP PROGRAM.  Your Leadership program and monthly seminars have made Ryu a great student, better soccer player and a future community leader.

I would also like to acknowledge Master Dave, whose encouragement kept Ryu dedicated and focused throughout.  Without Master Dave, Ryu would not be in Karate and would be struggling in school today.

My recommendation for all parents who want their child to improve in school, athletics and at home:  JOIN THE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM!

Thank you again!

A Proud PPK Parent


Terence, Brick, NJ

Hi Master Paul,

This is Nick Guariglia.  I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but I was a student of yours way back in the ancient 1990’s.  I haven’t talked to you in a while.  I just wanted to thank you for everything I learned at Paul Prendergast Karate.  This past week, I was jumped by five guys as I walked from Seton Hall University back to my apartment in South Orange (right outside Newark).  It isn’t too nice of a neighborhood, and I shouldn’t have been walking alone that late at night.  But nevertheless, I defended myself against the muggers, taking down all three of the individual’s who actually engaged me.  After the five fled the scene—with my backpack, which fell to the street during the struggle—I got the license plate number, and the local police found the assailants within a half-hour.  Police found four large kitchen knives, a crowbar, and a wrench in the car.  And the suspects are the same suspects who attacked and seriously harmed a man two weeks ago, who is still in the hospital recovering.  This has only been my second fight in my life, and hopefully my last.  But I just wanted to let you know what I learned at your Institute was engrained in my instincts, and that is something I will never lose.  This is a service that is provided to all of your students, and it is a tribute to your professionalism and the character of Paul Prendergast Karate.


Hope all is well, my regards to your family,

Nick Guariglia, Brick,NJ

“We appreciate the time, effort, and care you have sown into our children.  They are enjoying their classes and often discuss with us the lessons of the week.  Thank you for helping us to foster the values and character we desire to see in our children.”

Rachel Stintzcum, Brick,NJ

“Karate has helped my daughter by giving her confidence and self-esteem.  She has a learning disability that was making her school experience a nightmare.  Karate helps her to feel secure and walk tall.  She was accepted to the school chorus and is getting A’s on her tests.”

M.Motuz, Toms River,NJ