I stopped in Brick Karate one day in June 2006 and forever changed mine and our son's life. Today my little guy got his Orange stripe on his brown belt working towards his Black Belt. Last night he started his Jr. Explorer program. These two particular activities require immense discipline and respect among many other attributes. Paul Prendergast has been in our family since Luke was 4 years old and a MAJOR contributor to our son becoming the amazing young man he is today. Paul is the epitomy of discipline and respect and for helping us pass that on to our son is something we will be eternally thankful for. Thank you seems so small but forever grateful and being the idol to our son throughout his entire life is not. Thank you Master Paul from the bottom of our hearts and his..

Luke and LeeAnn Ray, Brick,NJ

Thank you for such an incredible birthday party! Adrianna's cousins and friends loved it. We thank you for your unrelenting enthusiasm, your creativity in planning a variety of exciting activities for the entire group of children, and finally, your dedication to the lifelong lessons and skills that you continue to instill in our children. What a party! — at Paul Prendergast Karate.

Jennifer Goodwin, Toms River, NJ

Dear Master Paul and Staff,

Dana and I once again wish to express our appreciation for your program and
recognition for your staff. Owen pre-tested today and was deemed not to be
ready. We know that he was not fully prepared and we remain ever grateful that
the standards of the school and staff remain uncompromised. We know that as
difficult as this moment was for Owen, his entire life will be better served by
having gone through it.

Ryan has pledged to work with Owen over the coming weeks in trying to prepare
him for his next exam opportunity. In addition, we will continue to try and
support Owen with realistic goals, honest appraisals and unconditional love.

We feel blessed to have found PPK and to remain a part of it.

Warmest Personal Regards and Admiration,

Dana and Nelson Rodriguez

Dana and Nelson Rodriguez, Brick, NJ

The staff are very professional and do a wonderful teaching each child and building their self-esteem!

Stephen Gubitosa, Brick, NJ