FANTASTIC school! originally trained with Master Paul himself in brick school .... now our twins train with Master Andrew in the T River school....FANTASTIC school. wonderful, skilled and caring instructors. HIGHLY recommend!!!

Amy L. O'Grady Paradise, Bayville, NJ

Our son goes to the Brick school. I cannot say enough good things about the trainers and the school itself. Sending my son to this school was one of the best decisions we have made.

Tamara Saragusa, Brick, NJ

PPK has been a truly amazing influence on our lives. The program and instructors at PPK, have reinforced our goal to raise responsible, respectful children. You have given them tools that will allow them to excel in life. Thank you~

Scott and Vanessa Kulpinski, Toms River, NJ

“We love having Christian be part of your karate school. Your karate classes are not just karate, but on determination, respect, honesty, and sportsmanship aligned perfectly with our personal and family values is effective and meaningful, for all that you have done and will continue to do, we deeply thank you.”

Jessica and Jeff Grippaldi, Brick, NJ