Kids Class


Our karate classes for kids are second to none.
We are always concerned with the well-being and education of our children. We understand that younger students have a shorter attention span. Our unique children’s program uses interesting and enjoyable methods to keep the students attention, and teach our young students skills that they can use for life.

Courage: Our students find the courage to move outside of their comfort zone. They will themselves to take on more difficult Karate moves and skills. They suddenly see their lives as a constant, never-ending journey of life-giving improvement. They learn to create their own destiny.

Staying Power: Our students find joy in improving their physical stamina. They can walk farther, run longer, and practice skills until they get them right. In turn, they learn not to give up. They strive harder and longer to reach goals. Even if at first they fail, they persevere.

Focus: They learn to make eye contact with teachers. They pay greater attention to what each teacher says.

Powerful Self-Control: They’ll refuse to give in to negative peer pressure and they’ll gain a deeper respect for rules.

Respect: Through the PPK method of martial arts instruction, your children will learn Philosophy and customs to build superior relationships based on friendship and mutual respect. “To get respect one must first give respect”.

Self-Confidence: Watch as your child finds the courage to open any doors life has to offer.

And of course they’ll learn effective and powerful Self-Defense skills.

Towering Role Models: As you might guess, all of these could not be possible, unless we had the very best karate Instructors. All of our Instructors have years of teaching experience, and were trained personally by Master Prendergast.

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