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MMA Classes – Expert MMA Training

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts, has become a popular form of self-defense and MMA classes have become the workout of preference for many health-minded individuals. Mixed Martial Arts is exactly that …Mixed Martial Arts.

Our proven MMA training mix

Our proven and eclectic system of martial arts has been helping students for over 34 years and is the perfect combination for those looking for MMA training. Our system is made up of Jujutsu, Kenpo Karate, Submission grappling, Judo, and Arnis. What this means, is that in our MMA classes, you will learn to defend yourself quickly and easily, either by standup fighting, defending yourself in close quarters, or be it on the ground.

Master Paul Prendergast first started his training in 1980 under Grand Master Art Beins. Grand Master Beins himself a District, Region, and State wrestling champion, incorporated grappling and striking techniques into the learning curriculum well before MMA classes and MMA training became popular. That means simply this…

Paul Prendergast has been participating, learning, and teaching MMA classes for over 35 years!

Our system of MMA training is to develop well rounded students, students who can defend themselves quickly and easily.

Master Paul Prendergast is a 7th degree black belt, 2006 NAGA winner and has studied and received rank and Certifications under such notable and respected instructors such as…

  • Grand Master Art Beins
  • Former UFC Champ Dan Severn
  • Former 5x Undefeated UFC and Strikeforce Champion Frank Shamrock
  • Professor Wally Jay
  • Professor Remy Presas
  • 7x World Kickboxing Champion Jeff Smith

If you’re serious about MMA training and want to learn more about our MMA classes, contact us and schedule time to speak to one of our MMA experts.